6 Budget Myths that Keep You Stuck Mini-Course

Do you struggle to stick to your budget?

The real problem is that most of us were never taught the right way to budget.

We just sort of absorb these culturally accepted facts from social media, our friends, or the nightly news that sound good.

Unfortunately, most of those budgeting “truths” aren’t based on sound financial principles — and they leave you feeling more confused, frustrated, and defeated with every passing year.

But don’t give up yet.

Inside this free budgeting mini-course, you’ll find…

Sticking to a Budget

  • How the mistaken belief that you need to make a budget and stick to it actually causes your budget to fall apart, month after month (and what you need to do instead.)

Unexpected Expenses

  • If you think that it’s unexpected expenses that are busting your budget, think again. This course will explain what’s really going on here.

More “Wiggle Room”

  • Wouldn’t it be easier if you had a little extra wiggle room in your budget? Inside, you’ll find out how this myth can actually hurt your budgeting efforts — and how to overcome it.

Saving Money

  • Why pinching pennies often does not help your budget or move you closer to paying off debt (and the important step you should take instead.)

When You’re Feeling Stuck

  • The #1 budgeting lie we tell ourselves that keeps us stuck (and how to get moving forward again even when you’re feeling like a total budget failure.) And much more!

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Shannon Clark, founder
Affording Motherhood