Debt Free Christmas Series

Start here for the guilt-free plan for how to have a debt free Christmas this year! Everything from a simple Christmas budget to cheap and easy gift ideas.

So, I was cruising down the aisle of Costco with my favorite 3 year old co-pilot when what to my wondering eyes should appear, but Santa himself, right along with Frosty, and dozens and dozens of ye olde twinkling lights.

How did it happen that the holiday season now starts in early September!? Sometimes I wonder how far they’ll be able to take it? August? Maybe a little visit from Rudolf with your 4th of July fireworks?

Who knows? But what I do know, is that I’m determined to take this crazy consumer culture gaffe and turn it into good for my family and yours, my dear readers.

Today I’m kicking off a new series on how to have a debt free Christmas this year.

My goal is for us to achieve a holiday that is: 

  • guilt-free
  • stress-free (well, financially at least)
  • and of course debt-free!

Start here to read the guilt-free plan that will keep you on budget and out of debt this Christmas! (I’ll be adding links here as more articles become available.)

And to kick off the series, I have a brand new free printable to get you started and keep you inspired! Visit the first post to download yours.

How to Have a Debt Free Christmas

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