How to Make Your Own Wrapping Paper with Kids

Today I’m over at I Thought I Knew Mama sharing a Christmas craft project I recently did with BabyE. I invited the adorable neighbor kids over to participate in the fun too. They were worried at first that they needed to make me some wrapping paper because I didn’t have any of the store bought variety. After I reassured them that I was not wrapping paper deficient, I think they had a good time making their own!

“Whether it’s purchasing green gifts for your children, using LED Christmas lights, or spending more quality time with family, it seems we’re all looking for a way to be a little more green and simple this Christmas.  Making your own wrapping paper is a great way to slow down and simplify your holiday season…”

For ideas on how to make your own wrapping paper with kids, visit I Thought I Knew Mama.

shannon Clark, Financial Coach

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