No Spend Month Challenge {Wrap Up}

No Spend Month Blog BadgeIt was day 29 of our family’s third annual No Spend Month Challenge, and I had used up all but $2 of our $38/week grocery budget.

“I wan’ some B-nana.” pleaded my 2-year-old, adding in a “Pleeease Mama,” to make it extra convincing.

“I’m sorry honey, we don’t have any banana right now.”

So on down the list he went, “I want some apple, Mama.” But I had none of that to give him either.

Finally, “I wan’ some peenubudder,” smiling enthusiastically, hoping to win me over.

“Sorry buddy, we don’t have any of that either.

I assure you, he still had plenty of yummy and nutritious foods to eat even if we had run out of his favorites. Each time we would have one of these conversations, I gave a thankful pause that I wasn’t having to explain to him why there was no food to eat at all.

So, here’s the run down of what we spent in the second half of No Spend Month.

Groceries $49

Dining $11

Gas $36

Entertainment $2

Baby Supplies $34

Home Supplies $36

No Spend Month Budget $609

Weeks 3 & 4 $182

Amount remaining: $62

As you can see, we easily stayed within our budget. Falling gas prices really helped us to have some left over to put even extra toward paying off debt. Even a smallish amount like $50 or 60 dollars a month makes a huge impact.

Those last couple days of No Spend Month made me so thankful all over again that I do have the means and resources to provide my babies with healthy foods to eat and clean water to drink. We are so richly blessed!

What have you discovered by living on a budget? 



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