6 Reasons YOU Should Take the No Spend Month Challenge

It’s coming, January 1, 2014. This will be our family’s third annual No Spend Month Challenge. Last year I began inviting my readers and other bloggers to join in our money saving challenge. You won’t want to miss this experiment in extreme frugality. Why you may ask?

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Here are 6 reasons YOU should take the No Spend Month Challenge this year:

  1. Create an Emergency Fund
  2. Give to a Non-Profit or other good cause (Check out the GrowingSlower fundraising project at Living Water International)
  3. Save up for a family vacation or another fun splurge
  4. Start saving for retirement or a college fund
  5. Save up for the necessities like a house or car
  6. Pay off debt like credit cards or student loans and get one step closer to financial freedom

You can read about the our 3 years of  No Spend Month Challenges here.

Have you tried a No Spend Month Challenge before? Are you planning one now? Share your story in the comments!

shannon Clark, LIFE & FINANCIAL Coach

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